Thijs Schepman

“Product variety management is key for modular design”

Thijs gained experience in the management of large engineering to order projects in the yacht building industry. Thanks to this experience, combined with his engineering degree, he knows what it takes to transform a client’s wishes into working results.

After the yacht building experience, Thijs helped a commercial shipbuilder transform towards product thinking; they moved from an engineering-to-order toward a configure-to-order approach. This resulted in a reduction of engineering hours per order, and in parallel, it opened the way to relocate engineering toward the production facilities abroad.

In the past years, he worked as a consultant helping companies understand the complexity of Low-volume/high-complexity product management and transforming them into a modular enterprise.

Jos Verschuren

“When start thinking in markets you can boost your sales”

Jos has a degree in mechanical engineering and business administration and a background as a commercial director of several privately-owned companies within the discrete manufacturing industry. Enabling growth is always possible when the product market combination is set correctly and your company has technical exclusivity. These ingredients are needed to grow your market share towards multiple times your existing turnover.

In the two previous companies that Jos owned, the turnover increased by more than 200% by thinking in markets and use a product configurator to scale up the global salesforce. Resulting that your product expert only needs to fly out to the client if the budget quote is already delivered and the lead is mature.

Michel Goedegebuure

“Operational excellence is a way of life”

Michel has led several companies in markets with low production volumes and high product complexity and variety.
Due to the challenges of such markets, these companies needed an immediate improved financial result. Under Michel’s leadership, the margins invariably surged by more than 500%.

Many ask about his secret. Michel focuses on continuous improvement; everyone strives to do their job 1% better daily. This approach not only improves the bottom line but also surges staff engagement and well-being.

In 2021 Michel started ZingURbiz Pte Ltd in Singapore to help manufacturing companies quintuple their gross margin.
Within Modular5 Michel is responsible for the field of Modular Operations.

Vipul Vachhani

“Imagine, invent, and inspire”

Vipul is the Founder & CEO of Jaivel Aerospace and an avid design thinker.

Under the leadership of Vipul, Jaivel Aerospace has evolved into a design and manufacturing company with a unique value proposition. Jaivel’s designs are ingenious and efficient, focusing on substantially reducing manufacturing spending, often applying modularisation to achieve these elegant designs.

Jaivel is trusted by blue-chip companies in the aerospace industry, such as Rolls Royce and Boeing.

At Modular5, Vipul is responsible for the design team, leveraging his two decades of experience. Also, Modular5 builds on Jaivel Aerospace’s international footprint to engage talent worldwide.


Manufacturers don’t need to choose between sustainability and profitability.


Our framework makes balancing financial performance and environmental impact transparent and easy.


Modularization in low volume / high mix industries is fundamental for a sustainable future.

The Modular5 framework helps to reduce products’ and companies’ environmental impact. The method acts on five of the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals. With Modular5 your organisation excels in sustainability and profitability.

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