Product architecture & engineering

Enterprise wide implementation

Consultancy & Engineering

To transform your business, we support you via our certified local distributors. We guide your team with a step by step roadmap including assistance, knowledge & tools so your transformation can start right away.

Next to the Modular5 consultancy we offer engineering services on:

  • New Product Introduction
  • Master Model Architecture
  • Product maintainance

Mechanical | Electrical | Software | Electronics | Model based | Product Variety management | Interface management | System Engineering

Active in these branches

MODULAR5's Engineering Approach

‘Free’ half-hour consulting call

In this version, we provide a two hours webinar followed by 5 online workshops.

Afterward these sessions a half-hour call is set-up to evaluate and set-up next steps

Do-it-yourself: Webinars & Workshops

In this version, you work primarily independently. At critical moments, we review the work you and your team have done.

We give feedback to sharpen the plans and methods.

Doing it with you: - Tailormade transformation program

In this version, we guide you through every step. We join each session with you and your team to coach you. Our support is intense at the start of the process and tapers off when you are ready.

Turn-key modular product design

In case you do not have the in-house engineering skills or capacity, our expert engineering team can do the modular design for you. We do nothing else than deliver modular designs. Our experience warrants that we provide robust and efficient modular designs to our engineering clients for a price that is less than 75% of your internal cost with no risk to your organisation.